Wednesday, December 14, 2005

6 Main Branches of Chemistry

Since chemistry is a very broad topic to study, people (most probably scientists) divided this into different branches. Here are the 6 main branches of chem..

1. Analytical chemistry- concerned with the separation, identification, and composition of materials.

Qualitative analysis vs. Quantitative analysis

Qualitative analysis involves our senses. If we say that a piece of paper is blue in color that is a qualitative analysis. Quantitative analysis on the other hand involves measurement. If we say that a solution is 30 % water that is a quantitative analysis.

2. Physical chemistry- involves the study of the physical characteristics of materials and the mechanisms of their reactions.

3. Organic chemistry - study of substances containing carbon.
- the chemistry of carbon compounds

4. Inorganic chemistry- study of other substances not containing carbon
- the chemistry of materials other than those classified as organic.

5. Biochemistry- the chemistry involving living things
- the study of materials and processes that occur in living things

6. Nuclear chemistry- involves the study of subatomic particles and nuclear reactions


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